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What is a bureau?

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What is a bureau?

There are many borrowed words in Russian. Today you will learn what a bureau is and find out for yourself the meanings of this French word. Usually, the meaning of the word "bureau" means a collegial body that is elected or established to manage a particular organization. In addition, the bureau is a desk or a desk. Usually it has a retractable lid and is equipped with numerous letter and document boxes.

Various definitions of the word "bureau" are used to refer to all sorts of organizations and public institutions. These offices have the following names:

  • Translation Bureau;
  • Inquiry Office;
  • Design department;
  • Tour agency;
  • Bureau of Recruitment;
  • Patent Office;
  • Weather Bureau;
  • Lost and found;
  • Travel agency.

Collective bodies are represented by:

  • Party bureau;
  • Political bureau;
  • Organizational Bureau.

Now you are familiar with the meanings of the word "bureau" and can successfully use this word in any sense of the word.


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