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What is a cell?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 2, 2015
What is a cell?

The word "cell" sounds like the word "egg", resembling something small, the source in the birth of something big. Indeed, in some areas of the use of the word "cell", this is how it turns out.

However, consider it in more detail, find out the definition and meaning of this word.

What is a cell: definition

There is such an obsolete word "Yacheya", literally meaning a dimple, a hole in the whole system of similar or a separate link in the network. The word "cell" is a diminutive form of the word "cell", therefore their definitions can be consonant.

The word “cell” has many meanings, but they all probably refer to the main point of the main definition. Here are some of the meanings of the word:

  • cell - honeycomb;
  • cell - compartment;
  • cell - box;
  • cell - part of the organization (resource), the type of the basic element of the party;
  • cell - recess;
  • cell - fortification shelter;
  • the cell is the minimum indivisible melody, etc.

Defining a cell in Excel spreadsheets

Computer technologists borrowed a lot from real life.Probably, this fact explains the speed of our development of new and new programs. Similarly, the tables in the Excel program, on the one hand, resemble giant honeycombs in which bees store honey, on the other hand, a sea battle game, where each “cell” has its own coordinates in space. These cells in Excel are cells — a limited spreadsheet space located at the intersection of a column and a row of a table in which various information can be stored. The cell in the spreadsheet has its coordinates, which are formed by connecting the column name (denoted by Latin letters) and line numbers (Arabic numerals).

Excel cell range

Also in Excel is used such a thing as a range of cells. A range of cells is a selected group of cells that form a rectangular area. Ranges may vary in size.


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