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What is a mirage?

Julia Agafonova
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What is a mirage?

In the animation and film industry, especially in desert locations, the theme of mirages is often touched. What is a mirage? Is it really a fantasy of a gaunt man or a fact explicable by science?

Mirage: Definition

In a homogeneous medium, light propagates in a straight line. But in places where sudden changes in temperature and density occur, the rays of light are refracted, and are reflected at the surface of the earth. As a result, you can see how literally an object appears in the air, located in the distance, and the air itself becomes a mirror. This is called a mirage (fr. Mirage - visibility).

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Types of mirages

Several types of mirages are classified: lower, upper, black, side and veil morgana. The latter type is rare and includes several other forms of mirages. Objects of a mirage increase several times and are strongly distorted. For example, the so-called "flying Dutch" - just Fata Morgans.Mirage displays a ship that can be located hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.

The name mirage of Fata Morgana received from the fairy Morgan (literal translation from Italian), which lives on the seabed and deceives travelers with illusive visions. It occurs in cases when several layers of air of different density are formed in the lower layers of the atmosphere.


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