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What is a profession?

Kate flower
Kate flower
April 29, 2015
What is a profession?

The word "profession", like most of the words that we use in our language, came to us from the Latin language. It comes from the word professio, which in turn originates from the word profiteor, which means "I declare my business." Profession is a kind of labor activity of a person who owns a complex of theoretical and practical knowledge.

There are many official professions in the world. Professions can be both official, that is, obtained directly at official work, and unofficial, for example, mastering any professional skills and using them in everyday life to help themselves and others with the goal of making money.

Professions began to appear in those times when our ancestors decided to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Social roles were divided according to the factors of skill and fitness, for example, hunting, agriculture and so on.

After people began to create the first states, the number of professions increased dramatically.However, the flowering of different professions occurs during industrialization.

Examples include the following professions: doctors, teachers, engineers, miners, mechanics, lawyers.

Today, the value of manual labor is rapidly falling.


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