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What is an app?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
February 21, 2013
What is an app?

In the modern world, applications are necessary for us when performing completely different actions. But what is an application and what is it for? Let's take a closer look.

Application as a computer application

An application is a program for your computer that performs a number of tasks you need and interacts with you through a graphical interface.

Application in Russian

As for the Russian language, in it the application means a definition, which is expressed by a noun and stands next to the word to be defined in a certain case. Most often, an application denotes a property or quality of an item (zipper), a generic attribute (eucalyptus tree), describes a person by the nature of his activity, position, specialty (secretary girl, woman doctor), national , landowner-nobleman), age, place of residence, kinship (Dumas-father, Muscovite workers, shepherd-child).Gives a subject or person a more detailed qualitative description, is a means of emotional evaluation, in the sentence acts as an epithet (rooster-cock, winter-enchantress, handsome man, winning nation).

In the proposal, the application is a minor member. It is most often expressed by the noun and gives a name that fully characterizes the subject. Although it is a noun, it answers the following questions: which one? which one? what kind? When morphological analysis is emphasized by a wavy line, as a definition.

Internet applications

As for Internet programming, here such a thing as a Web application is more common. This is an application in which a browser acts as a client, and a web server as a server. The impact of the web application is directly between the client and the server, and information is stored on the server. The most significant advantage of web applications is that clients do not at all become dependent on a strictly defined operating system, since web applications are cross-platform services.Widespread web applications received in 1990-2000.

Also, applications are used to create a project. Here the application is the documents and materials necessary for writing the project.

If your acquaintances or friends do not know what applications are for, then now you can easily share with them useful information, give examples of applications and give some useful tips.


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