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What is a score?

January 28, 2015
What is a score?

In the Russian language dictionaries, the word "assessment" is defined ambiguously. Basically, from childhood we get used to the "school" understanding of the term, which determines the degree of preparedness of a student in any of the subjects in school, college, in practice. But there are some more meanings. What is the evaluation in the conventional sense of the word? This article tells about it.

In pedagogy

The teacher (or other person carrying out the test) expresses his opinion on the knowledge of the student. This is called evaluation. It can be expressed in numbers (in various systems), letters, words (for example, the phrase “credited” is practiced in universities), in a different way.

When documenting (in a class journal, diary, record book) their assessment, the teacher or reviewer places a mark. It is a reflection of the requirements for the level and content of education in general and the level of knowledge of a particular student in particular. To learn how to correct the estimates, read the article How to fix the estimates.

Evaluation history

In different educational systems in different epochs there were traditions of displaying students' success in digital mode. Thus, in Russian pre-revolutionary gymnasiums, numbers from 0 to 5 were used. In Soviet schools, from 1 to 5. The Five was a sign of full disclosure of the content of the test material when the corresponding terminology was used accurately, and the evidence used objective arguments based on experiments and observations. At this time, a five-point system of knowledge assessment is most used. Mark "1" is set for the complete lack of response. In Ukraine, for example, a 12-point system. In Moldova and Belarus - 10-ball. In Germany - from 1 to 6 points. Moreover, 1 is the best rating. And in the US - a five-point, but the letter system: A, B, C, D, E.

In economics

The concept of assessment means the method of setting the value of objects (tangible and intangible), taking into account the interests of the subjects of the legal field. The cost is the real market, cadastral, investment, liquidation (used in the bankruptcy of the enterprise, for example).

In real estate

The process by which the market value of a property is determined or certain rights to it (right to use, right to lease).As a rule, the real estate assessment is made by a special expert who has the appropriate certificate.


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