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What is an evacuation?

March 26, 2015
What is an evacuation?

The general meaning of the word "evacuation" is probably clear to almost everyone. But if you wanted to know a more precise definition and understand where this term came from, read our article.

We will tell what evacuation is, a little more.

Evacuation: definition

The word "evacuation", like many others, came to the Russian language from Latin. It is based on the word "evacuatio", and that, in turn, comes from the verb "evacuare", meaning literally "empty, remove."

Evacuation is indeed associated with “emptying”: the most common meaning of this term is the organized removal of people from a dangerous place. For example, in a school, a shop, a factory, or in any other institution, evacuation begins when a fire breaks out or another serious threat arises. Everyone is taken out of danger. In each building there must be an evacuation plan, which shows all exits and paths to them. You can learn how to draw this and other plans in our article How to draw a plan.

Also under evacuation can be meant the removal of people and industries from the emergency zone (for example, during radiation contamination of the area) or from cities covered by war. Sometimes colloquially, evacuation can also be called a place in which people were taken, or a period of time during which they were forced to be away from their permanent place of residence. For example: "During the war, our family lived in evacuation for three years." Or: "My future husband and I met in the evacuation."


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