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What is better: a tablet or netbook?

Just do not think that now we will tell you that it is better - a tablet or a netbook, that is, we will determine your future purchase. No, the choice in the end will still be yours. Let's see why.

Netbook or tablet: choice

Why does the question even arise, which is better, a tablet or a netbook? And why we said that even after reading the article, the choice will be yours? Let's take it in order.

A netbook and a tablet are devices that partially duplicate each other’s functions, but the level of comfort in working with these devices is different due to the use of these functions, and this is due to various factors. In particular, convenience depends on what you are planning to buy this remote device for, what are your main goals, what are you planning to do (mostly)? Answer these questions, it will help with the further choice. That is why we say that the last word will remain with you - only you know the answer to the key question in this situation - “for what?”

Netbook or tablet: OS

The operating system (OS) of netbooks and tablets is different.

NetbooksBased on the Microsoft operating system (all known versions of Windows). Plus, it is supposed to post-install various versions of Linux. In other words, a netbook is to some extent similar to a PC (personal computer) and a laptop.

Tablets. There is a difference in face. The tablet is presented as a monoblock, that is, a single touch panel, that is, fully touch control. The bottom line is that Windows programs are not adapted for touch control. Of course, there are advanced tablets with Windows 7, but even the most sophisticated "touch-cases" that hide the UI systems will not hide the imperfections of controlling third-party software through the touch screen. The consequence is a problem with everyday household use of the device. The most popular wasps for tablets are ios, google android.

Netbook or tablet: form factor

Of course, here it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is better, a tablet or a netbook. Everything is determined by your preferences. Again, we only set out the facts.

Netbook Externally, is a cot. For some, this is good, because you don’t have to bother about the scratched screen, and the physically represented keyboard seems more comfortable, which is called “you feel where to click.” But the top cover has extra weight.Of course, it is not so great, but if this parameter is important, then it can play a role. In general, decide for yourself, laptops will require from you an average strength of 1.1-1.3 kilograms.

Tablets. These monoblocks are light enough, on the scales will show about 600 grams (the difference is palpable if you wear it all day in your hands). However, the screen is not protected, you should take care of the case. The keyboard factor, discussed above in the case of a netbook, is in fact also subjective. Then someone like that. Touch keyboard, with a certain skill, may be no worse than ordinary. By the way, versions with a detachable keyboard are being developed, which will allow working on a tablet with a total volume of office documents (texts, tables, etc.).


Netbook The operating system of netbooks involves a large expenditure of resources, which explains the presence of almost all netbooks with respect to productive processors. The internal memory of netbooks and RAM is much higher than that of tablets.

Tablets in matters of memory can not compete with a netbook. Their maximum is 64 Gb.

Duration of work

What is better, a tablet or a netbook, in this parameter, let's say - there is no particular difference.Well it is roughly speaking. Tablet and netbook, on average, work without recharging for 7-9 hours. But. We said that a netbook has an OS that requires more resources (because it has more features), so using these features can reduce the operating time on a netbook without additional charge.

Netbook or tablet: output

So, you answered the main question - for what - and read our article. Now decide what is best for you.

We make a brief review.

  • The netbook is equated to laptops and high-grade PCs by the operating system.
  • The tablet is more compact.
  • Netbook has great convenience in everyday work, has a great memory.
  • The tablet can withstand a long video viewing, listening to audio (without additional charge).
  • The netbook has a tangible keyboard, the screen is protected.
  • The tablet is much lighter in weight.

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