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What is better to catch a crucian?

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What is better to catch a crucian?

Carp fishing is considered not a very prestigious occupation among avid fishermen. Simply, this fish is found in almost all freshwater bodies of water, and special skill for its fishing is not required. However, for beginners anglers crucian - the most suitable trophy. It is only important to know what is best to catch a crucian. And if you know, then successful fishing is almost guaranteed.


It is best to use an ordinary float fishing rod to catch a crucian. Carp bite is not sharp. He slowly and gently grabs the bait and begins to pull it to the side. Therefore, an easy float fishing rod is the most suitable tackle for catching a crucian.

Carp is found in shallow water and at depth. Most often chooses the places overgrown with reeds or algae. For the same reason, it will be easier for you to catch a crucian on a float fishing rod with a sliding rod.

The most popular gear that will be advised to you in the store is match and fly and rod. The crucian is also caught on a picker feeder and on a nipple - a homemade feeder with hooks hidden in the bait.

Hooks for catching crucian chosen depending on the bait.However, the main requirement for them - a small size, sharp sting and a long forearm.

Bait and bait

It is believed that the carp is so unpretentious and voracious that it bites absolutely everything! This is partly true. And yet there are so-called carp baits - the one that this fish "prefers". What is caught carp?

So, if you are going to catch a live bait, then dig up the usual earthworms, or take with yourself maggots or bloodworms. The most "sweet" for a crucian bait is a dung-worm, which has a specific smell and is firmly held on a hook.

Vegetable bait for crucian carp is steamed or boiled pearl barley and ordinary bread. Willingly pecks carp and corn kernels (even canned).

Another traditional lure for crucian carp is dough made from semolina, corn, pea or wheat cereal. The effectiveness of this bait can be enhanced by adding a cake (sunflower seed cake) to it.


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