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What is conflict?

On television and radio, in everyday life and from the departments, every now and then we hear the word "conflict." People talk, write, argue about him, fear him, warn him, incite him. ... But what does the term "conflict" mean? What is conflict? There are various definitions, here are some of them:

  • hostile attitude, struggle, clash;
  • incompatibility of views, interests, the opposite of positions;
  • global lack of agreement between the parties, when each is ready for an open clash to assert its positions.
  • confrontation of phenomena and their properties.

In a conflict situation, individuals, social organizations, individual animals or their groups, technical doctrines, systems, etc. can take part.

Conflicts are divided into several types:

  • intragroup
  • intergroup
  • interclass
  • social
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal
  • intraorganizational
  • pedagogical
  • interethnic

There are positive and negative aspects in any conflict. The very fact of a conflict is a signal of dissatisfaction and an increase in hostility. Attention to such a warning can help prevent a brewing situation.An advantage will also be the result of resolving the conflict if the parties come to an understanding of the need to take into account each other�s positions and constructively resolve disputes. Negative sides of the conflict are the obstacles to the achievement of the goal, deteriorating relationships, heavy and sometimes tragic consequences.

Consider some types of conflicts.

What is social conflict?

This kind of conflict refers to the peculiarities of social connections between people. The reasons for such a conflict can be: the struggle for power (political conflict), low wages (socio-economic conflict), violation of the interests and rights of national and ethnic groups (national-ethnic conflicts). In social conflicts, meaningful, social goals are invariably pursued when one of the parties tries to secure their interests to the detriment of the other.

What is interethnic conflicts

One of the forms of mutual relations between national groups and communities is interethnic conflict. It arises in the event of the appearance of a confrontation connected with mutual claims, infringements of rights, with a threat to national security, with a collision of interests of nations, nations, states.In the modern world, the emergence of ethnic conflicts has become widespread, and their painless solution and prevention is an important task of international importance.

What are regional conflicts?

The emergence of contradictions between states, their coalition associations or large regions within the country leads to regional conflicts. Such conflicts affect the system of international relations as a whole and often become protracted. They spread over large geographical areas and cover a large number of people. They can develop between states and between groups within a single state. The course of regional conflicts is manifested in military form, in ideological confrontation, in economic or political actions.

What is conflict resolution?

Activities leading to the end of the conflict, to exit from it, to the elimination of the very causes of the conflict is called conflict resolution. Since the solution of the problem should be mutually acceptable, all the parties involved in the conflict situation take part in it.Often, the basis of conflict resolution is a new attitude of opponents to the essence of their dispute. In any case, the most fruitful ways to resolve the conflict are the interaction of the parties, their cooperation and mutual concessions. Confrontation and coercion only temporarily dull the conflict, but will not resolve it completely.

What is rhesus conflict

The incompatibility of the blood groups of a mother and child is called Rh-conflict by the Rh factor. If a woman has a Rh-negative factor, and a fetus has a Rh-positive, then the baby�s red blood cells break up, and the hemolytic jaundice develops in the newborn. Unfortunately, modern medicine does not yet have one hundred percent effective methods to combat such a threat.


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