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What is cystitis?

January 24, 2015
What is cystitis?

What is cystitis, women rather know - they suffer more often. Medically, cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder mucosa. Often, it flows in parallel with the urethritis - an inflammation of the urethra, which is responsible for removing fluid from the bladder.
About the causes, symptoms and prevention of this disease, see below.


Those who have not yet experienced all the “charms” of this disease are most concerned about what causes cystitis. There are several common reasons:

  1. Inflammation is caused by bacteria that have penetrated the body. Most often, such a bacterium is E. coli — it “lives” nearby, in the rectum, so it’s not difficult to get to the urethra, especially in women.
  2. Inflammation of the canal after intercourse. In this case, cystitis manifests itself in half a day, or even earlier.
  3. Allergic irritation of the urethra. Allergies can be in intimate hygiene products, on soap, on synthetic linen or on colored toilet paper.
  4. In disabled and elderly people, cystitis can occur due to rare visits to the toilet or as a result of an incomplete emptying of the bladder. By the way, the constant artificial retention of urination (for example, during the working day) can also provoke cystitis.
  5. Hypothermia, especially the lower body, starting from the waist. Additionally read the material Causes of Cystitis.

How is cystitis manifested

One of the most common symptoms are very frequent visits to the toilet. At the same time the process itself is very painful. The feeling that you are emptying with boiling water is what cystitis in women is. Often there is a feeling that went to the toilet not to the end. The temperature may rise and chills begin.

How to avoid cystitis

First of all - do not stop yourself in an effort to visit the toilet and do not postpone the campaign "for later." The second rule is to drink liquids as much as it should be. Underwear choose cotton and not tight; trousers and skirts should also be free enough. After an ardent love, be sure to visit the toilet - urinating will wash away bacteria (possibly) into the canal.The need for regular washing and mentioning is not worth it - cultural people take care of their cleanliness. And, of course, in case of suspicious symptoms, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible - prolonged and neglected cystitis can provoke kidney disease.


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