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What is e-mail?

In today's world, everyone needs to know what an e-mail is and have your own. When meeting new people, at business negotiations or simply meeting with an old friend, you may be asked to leave your e-mail address. In addition, on the network itself, on many sites, upon registration, it is necessary to indicate e-mail. And what to do when it is not?

What is an e-mail address

So, an e-mail is an e-mail address from English "electronic mail". If a person on the network has his e-mail address (looks like a set of characters, for example, [email protected]), he can give it to other people just like his home address for regular emails. But to enter your email you need a unique password, which you will only have, like keys to an apartment. The address is known by friends and acquaintances, and only you have the keys (password). That is, your correspondence with your friends on the Internet, no one except you can not see, if you do not give anyone your password. By e-mail, you can send each other not only text messages, but also pictures, photos, music, tables and other files of any format.

Let's see what is the e-mail address.Take, for example, the same [email protected] The first part of the address is the unique username (login) that you invent yourself, in this case ivanov. Not only letters of the Latin alphabet can be used in this name, but also numbers, periods, dashes, hyphens and some other characters. After the username is always the icon @ ("dog"). And then comes the domain name, we have it yandex.ru. Let us dwell on the latter in more detail ... You yourself choose which free mail service you would like to have a mailbox: yandex.ru, rambler.ru, mail.ru, yahoo.com, hotmail.com and others.

What is e-mail, and how to create it

  1. First of all, select the service where you want to create your e-mail (yandex.ru, rambler.ru, mail.ru and so on). Go to this site. Find the word "mail". For users who already have an e-mail here, a form for entering a login and password has been proposed. And for you next - "start a mailbox" or something like that. Click here.
  2. Now you need to fill in some data about you. You must enter the real last name and first name, but this does not mean that everyone will see them. For all your login will be visible, which you have to come up with. It is allowed to use only letters of the English alphabet and to begin login with a lowercase letter.The common words or names are probably already taken, so invent something new, combine letters, numbers and symbols. Many services themselves will tell you which login is not yet taken.
  3. When the data is specified, click on the "Continue" or "Continue" button.
  4. Perhaps you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required, the rest are optional.
  5. As a rule, when registering e-mail addresses, they are asked to select a security question and enter an answer to it. This is necessary to recover your password if you forget or lose it. Also enter the code from the image in the space provided for this field. This code will confirm to the system that you are a real person, not a car.
  6. If you agree to the terms of the agreement on how to use the free service, tick and click "Continue" or "Finish".

The next time you want to check your email, you will need to log in to the site where you got the e-mail (for example, yandex.ru, rambler.ru, mail.ru and so on). Then enter the login (in our case ivanov) in the mail fields, and the password below.


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