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What is epics?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
March 22, 2013
What is epics?

Bylina is the true Russian name for such a genre of literature as the epic. These works appeared in ancient times, and it is believed that they were preceded by laments and panegyrics that sang the heroism and bravery of warriors and heroes. Yes, the epics contain a flavor of the time, about which they narrate, but their main theme is heroism. And initially they were not retold simply from one thing to another, but were sung for some musical instruments. Therefore, they can also be called epic songs.

The notion of "epic" was introduced by folklorist I. Sakharov, which he took from the preface to the epic "Talk of Igor's Campaign" (the author begins a song by "bylins of this time, and not the design of Boianyu"). Thus, the epic has another feature - historical authenticity. Of course, one cannot talk about absolute authenticity, but the epics contain important historical facts and events; they tell about the life and condition of the people, the state, tribal and other relations.

The very concept of "epic" has a root from "byl", i.e. what was the place to be.

The structure of epics has its own characteristics: stanzas consist of eight lines, and the plot is built on epic formulas (blanks and unchangeable combinations of words or even whole stanzas). Epic formulas in the Russian epic are often found such: mother - cheese, earth, clear eyes, Moscow stone, etc. In the epic of other nations: the white-haired Hera, winged speeches, the sun barely set, and dusk descended to earth, etc.

This is what epic, epic, epic song is.


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