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What is firmware?

The development of technology does not stand still. Literally every day, some new technologies and developments are invented, new equipment and new programs for it are produced. In order to keep up with the times, it is not necessary to buy a new model of a phone or another gadget every time. It is enough to reflash it, adding the updates that have appeared. Knowing what firmware is and how to reflash your device, you can not only use all the programs available today, but also significantly speed up the work of your device.


First you need to know what the firmware of the phone.

It often happens that the phone starts to “glitch”, does not work well, turns on and off for no reason, terminates calls and running applications without your commands. This problem may be caused by outdated phone software. Solving it is quite simple: most modern gadgets support the possibility of flashing.

Initially, in the 60s of the 20th century, the firmware was a certain wire laying in a computer.But now the firmware version is a set of programs to ensure the device, which is necessary for its successful operation. It may happen that the "native" firmware - the one that is installed on the equipment at the time of manufacture, works with errors.

Decent companies accumulate information about software errors of each model, modify the programs, eliminate errors, and release a new set of programs, which will be called the firmware of the next version.

For firmware phones, smartphones and tablets, there are special programs. They are quite easy to use and do everything for you, you just need to download the desired firmware version, and then follow the instructions.

Also, the master can replace the firmware if you are not confident in your abilities and are afraid to spoil everything. Replacing the firmware can also be done mechanically - when the motherboard is replaced, on which the old firmware was installed and a new one is installed with the updated software.

PSP firmware

The prefix Playstation Portable (psp) is significantly different from other devices. One of the main differences is the understanding of what psp firmware is.Just like in any other device, a newer firmware version is a software update. But the difference is that Sony is very careful in monitoring its products, and therefore there are not so many official firmware, and they are all available for a fee.

But on licensed discs with games there is always the necessary version of the firmware, as well as detailed instructions for installing it.

Custom firmware

In addition to the official versions of the software, which are created by the developers of the manufacturer, there are other options. To understand what a custom firmware, you should refer to the origin of the phrase. The word "custom" comes from the English customer, which translates as "buyer", "customer" or "consumer". That is, custom firmware is created by the users themselves.

Educated consumers who understand the work of the devices themselves write programs and create their own versions of firmware, which are often very useful. In addition to the programs required for operation, there are often other options that never get into the official version of the firmware.

But you can not always trust such software. Using custom firmware, you can damage the device, some of its elements or the device as a whole may not work. And you lose the warranty by changing the software, so be extremely careful.


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