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What is karate?

January 27, 2015
What is karate?

Most people have an idea of ​​what karate is, it has developed mainly from the films where the athletic guys waving their arms and legs, causing injury to the enemy of different weights. Far from martial arts, moviegoers consider karate to be one of the sports and appreciate, above all, entertainment, staging the “battle”. But the original meaning of karate is not at all effective, but effective.

What is karate

Like all other martial arts, it was designed to protect itself and defeat the enemy, including in the conduct of hostilities. It was assumed that a trained warrior, even being bound, would be able to confront the enemy with those parts of his body that remained at least relatively free. Although single combat is called karate, which means “empty hand,” as a means of survival, it does not deny the use of everything that can be used as a weapon - even a pin or pencil.

Like all oriental martial arts, karate professes the principle of non-aggression first - it is intended to protect (however, both itself and the weaker).Exercises include, in addition to physical development and spiritual: restraint, composure, the ability to resist hatred and anger, the ability to ignore pain. And at the same time - the readiness to strike, not thinking that the person on the contrary will be hurt. We can say that karate is a whole philosophy.

Forms of Karate

Trainings are of three types:

  1. Kata - exercises aimed at practicing the main blows and avoiding those.
  2. Kumite is what is called sparring in boxing.
  3. Tameshiwari - breaking items. It may seem like a rather pointless exercise, but in reality it is a test of strength of mind, strength of limbs and the ability to calculate distance, impact force and its correct application.

In addition to whatever school a coach belongs to, whatever style he teaches, he necessarily introduces the technique of armed fights.


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