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What is lalka?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
January 23, 2015
What is lalka?

Recently, very often in social networks there is a certain term - “lalka”. This word is intended to ridicule any qualities of a person. Often it has a dismissive tone.

Let us consider in more detail what Lalka is.

What does lalka really mean?

Let's start with the roots of the originating word. It is possible that the appearance of this word was provoked directly by the well-known “smiley”, which has the following spelling: “lol” For example, they say: “Here you are lol”. Why not just put a smile? There are sites on which it is impossible to put a smiley, and you have to write everything manually, this is how a smiley found a replacement. Then "lol" began to denote fun, laughter, and more and more often these words were written under humorous pictures, posts and various funny expressions.

After some time, the one who became the cause of the fun began to be called “lol” or “lalka”, which can be translated as a funny person.

Since then, “lalka” is considered a degrading, although sometimes diminutive, petty word.However, so that a person does not take offense and does not consider the word for an insult, they often use the following phrase: “Here you are not offended by a lalka”.

Later, an even more humiliating expression appeared - “Lalka Sasai”, which means “went out” or “rest”. Therefore, if such expressions have arisen in your correspondence, it means that you have come to uneducated Internet trolls.


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