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What is a land plot?

A land plot is a part of the earth’s surface that has boundaries defined by law. Let's take a closer look at what a land plot is.

The difference between the concepts of "land" and "land"

From the point of view of land legislation, two concepts are distinguished - “land” and “land plot”.


Earth is a term used to describe a territory. For example, there are public lands. On such lands there are streets, roads, beaches, ponds and other public facilities. This concept mainly appears in reports or regulations.

Land is an important component of the environment used for production in agriculture and forestry. Such lands are protected, controlled and used by the state.

In Russia, the land fund is divided by purpose.

  • Agriculture;
  • settlements;
  • industry, energy, transport, television and radio broadcasting, as well as other special purposes;
  • specially protected areas;
  • forest and water resources;
  • stock land.

Lands may not participate in a sale, lease or other transaction. In turn, it is not prohibited to perform these actions with land plots.


Individual housing construction (IZhS)

This type of plot can be located only on the lands of the village. The plot has an address, and you will be able to register in it when building a house. Municipal authorities supply the IZhS lands with infrastructure (roads, medical, educational and cultural institutions, transport networks, shops). Also, the authorities must bring all the necessary communications.

Dachnoe non-profit partnership (DNP) and garden non-profit partnership (SNK)

There is no particular difference between these two types of land plots. When building a house on such a plot, it will be extremely difficult to get an address, hence making a registration. You can get a registration, but for this you will need to conduct an examination of the house, as well as go to court. Difficulties will arise in the conduct of gas, water and electricity due to legal regulations.

Private farm

This type of plot may be located within the precincts of the settlement, for example, an enclosed land plot, or outside it, for example, a field land plot. If the land is located in the village, then over time it can be transferred to individual housing construction.

Types of plots according to cadastral procedures

  • Formed land. Such a plot is formed by dividing or combining land plots that belong to the state or municipality.
  • Source land. This is the site from which new ones are formed by redistributing or combining other sites.
  • Specified land. This is a land plot, the boundaries and area of ​​which are specified by the cadastral services.
  • Changed land. This type of site contains several definitions. First, it is a function of the original land plot, that is, new land plots appear from it. Secondly, such a plot belongs to the state and is not assigned to any persons.
  • Converted land. This is the site with which another site was formed.

Legal rights

  1. The boundaries of the land required to designate landmarks.
  2. Establish ownership of the land, as well as buildings and structures located on it.
  3. Property data must be registered with the state land cadastre service.

Part of the land can be:

  • buildings and structures, including underground;
  • areas for growing flowers, trees and other plants (including arable land, pastures, hayfields);
  • share of the owner in the infrastructure, which is in joint operation.

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