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What is measured in watts?

Elena Ivanova
Elena Ivanova
February 8, 2013
What is measured in watts?

Not many people know what is measured in watts, although almost every month they come across this term, removing indicators from their individual electric meter. As with the counters, it is always possible to find data on the number of watts that they need to work on other electrical devices.

So. Watt is the unit of measurement of power adopted by the international system of units (SI). In a word, the watts measure the power at which in one time interval (1 second) work in 1 joule is performed. A watt is nothing but a derived unit of measurement, and it is associated with the units of the international measurement system by some relations.

Above, we introduced the concept of mechanical power. There are also electric and thermal power. As a unit for measuring power, the watt was adopted in 1882, during the second congress of the British Scientific Association. He is named after the inventor of the first steam engine of the Scottish-Irish inventor James Watt (Watt).


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