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What is my physique?

In this article we will look at the body types of a person, and also tell you how to determine your body type.

Asthenic or lean type (Ectomorph)

  • Ectomorphs are characterized by a short upper body, long legs and arms, narrow feet and hands, as well as narrow shoulders and a small torso, when compared with other types. Ectomorphs often have long and thin muscles that are slowly developing, and their reserves of adipose tissue are extremely limited.
  • The main task of the ectomorph is weight gain. Therefore, a person ectomorph in athletic classes need to use an increased amount of calories to create reserves of fat. Intake of calories in the body is regulated by proper nutrition, and calories intended for weight gain cannot be burned with other athletic exercises, jogging or swimming.
  • A person who has the features of an ectomorph is not predisposed to bodybuilding. Therefore, in the gyms ectomorphs is practically not observed. In ectomorphs that are engaged in sports halls, as a rule, the types of structure characteristic of other body types are inherent.Also, ectomorph builders almost never have problems with overweight.

Normostenic or sports type (mesomorph)

  • The mesomorph is distinguished by a muscular body from nature, and without training its muscles are noticeable and strong. He has almost no excess weight. The mesomorph has a long upper half of the body, voluminous muscles and thick bones.
  • People who have such a physique most prone to bodybuilding. Mesomorph can build muscle mass without any special difficulties and efforts. Well, how his muscles will be beautiful, it all depends on him. To do this, he must comply with the correct proportions. His potential for growth and strength is enormous. Also, he should not use extra calories, no matter what to gain extra weight.

There are also mixed types of mesomorphs and ectomorphs. These are ectomorphic mesomorphs, and mesomorphic ectomorphs. Also, not all people, in which the mesomorphic component prevails, can build equally large and strong muscles, but their potential is much higher.

Hypersthenic or pyknic type (endomorph)

  • An endomorph is a person who has a round face, short neck, wide hips, and large reserves of fat.Endomorphs can build muscle mass just as easily as mesomorphs, but they usually don’t prefer to play sports. But all the same, among them there are people who want to change something in their own body, and try to work out in the gym. They have particles from non-endomorphic types of body addition.
  • It is also difficult for any athlete-endomorph to make any changes in his body. To begin, you will need to reset the available reserves of fat, but it is not an easy task at all. It is required to pay attention to nutrition and the day regimen, as well as in addition to the loads in the gym, aerobic exercises are also required, to abolish athletes with a thin build.

Determination of body type

You ask, what is my physique? The answer is not so difficult to find:

  • To determine your physique, you need to look at your form before the start of classes, if you have been training for many years now. You can do it by photo.
  • In addition, pay attention to your workout and nutrition. If you burn fat well, and as a crazy one builds up muscles, then you possess the best qualities of the mesomorph and endomorphus - excellent muscle and fat burning factors.
  • Also about the structure of the body can be said at the end of training. If you don’t gain extra weight and keep muscles, then you are mesomorphic, and if extra kilograms begin to increase, then you have a lot of endomorphic qualities.
  • Also, it is not difficult to determine that you are an ectomorph, since you will look lean and small against the background of mesomorphs.

So, it’s not difficult to determine what type of physique you have, the most important thing is to be able to criticize yourself and acknowledge the shortcomings that need to be corrected, because a healthy mind is in a healthy body!


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