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What is my video card?

A video card is one of the electronic devices inside the system unit. This device is necessary in order to convert the image in the computer's memory into the video signal of the monitor. The video card is an intermediary between the monitor and the processor. Devices of the latest generation display the image and have an integrated graphics processor, which produces additional video processing, due to which the computer processor becomes slightly less loaded. Many users wonder: what is my video card? We will try to help you answer this question yourself.

Find out which card is on the computer

It is possible to find out information about the video card installed on your computer in several ways:

Through the "Control Panel". To find out which video card is on the PC, go to the Start menu, select the Control Panel item, then select System and Security. In the "System and Security" you need to find and click on the sub-item "System",In the sub-item click "Device Manager". The opened window will show the entire list of devices of your personal computer. Your next step will be to search for the "Video adapters" sub-item, by clicking on which you can see and read the name of the video card installed on your device.

If you don’t know how to find out which graphics card is worth, the keyboard shortcut will help you. This method is very fast. All you need is to press the key combination WIN and R on the keyboard. After executing this combination, you will see a dialog box. In this window, you need to enter the command "dxdiag" and click "OK". Next, the DirectX dialog box opens. Your next step is to go to the “Screen” tab. Clicking on it, you will see the video card installed on the computer.

The third way to get information about your video card is performed mainly with the mouse. Open the desktop and leave the mouse cursor in its window. Then right-click this device and select the "Screen resolution" command from the appeared list of tasks. Next, we select the "Advanced Options" link. In the window that opens, you will find the adapter type and its properties.

It is possible to find out which video card is installed on the computer through the “My Computer” explorer. To do this, use the right mouse button by clicking on the "My Computer" icon. Next, select "Properties". In the next window that opens, you need to select "Device Manager", and in it the item "Video adapters".

The last described way to find out which video card is on the computer is the longest, since it requires the need to install third-party programs. However, to the already installed program, most likely, you will repeatedly refer to in the future! Download and install the appropriate program, run it. Next, select "Devices" and the "Windows Devices" tab. In the menu "Windows devices" you should find the item "Video adapters" and click on this item. Next you will see the name and brand of the video card installed on the computer.

In the fifth method of obtaining information about the video card was used the program "Everest". In general, these methods should be quite enough to figure out how to see which video card is on a PC.


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