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What is prime?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
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What is prime?

Translated from English, the word "prime" (prime) means "main". And what is the prime in modern Russian? This word has several meanings depending on the application.

Below we consider the meaning of the word from the field of TV, law, economics and business.

Meaning of the word prime

This word has no clear meaning, it is used as a prefix to other words and verbal turns in different areas.

  • Prime-time on television and radio broadcasting is the best time for advertisers, a time in which the most current programs are shown and when the screens have the largest crowd of viewers.
  • In jurisprudence - a clear, relevant and at the same time brief extract from the news in the legal world, which allows you to adopt the most appropriate strategy in various situations.
  • In the economy - information that allows you to competently conduct calculations in the economic sphere, to be aware of all changes in tax legislation, at rates in foreign exchange markets, at permissible limits for price increases and so on. Information allowing you to stay afloat without breaking the law.
  • For the head of the company, prime is information about the economic sphere, legal and labor. This is all that will help make a business prosperous.

In general, Prime is what is most relevant, most important, most popular. It is something better, significant, informative and brings a good result during use.

Prime is also a proper name: this is the name of the hero of the popular movie Transformers (Optimus Prime).


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