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What is processing?

Oksana Vasilyeva
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What is processing?

The word �processing� in the explanatory dictionary is explained as the process of influencing an object in order to give it new properties or change its qualities. This noun is also used to indicate the result of such an action. It comes from the verb �to process�, and its roots go back to the Proto-Slavic �orbota�. What is the processing in the modern interpretation of the word? What combinations is it used in? Let's see what types of processing exist and where they apply.

Processing as a process of physical or other impact on the object. In this context, the word is used in various fields, ranging from agriculture to information technology. For example:

  • tillage is its cultivation: digging, plowing, loosening, adding fertilizers, etc .;
  • metal processing, wood or other materials - it is grinding, milling, sharpening, soaking, drying, and so on;
  • information processing is, for example, analyzing or sorting by relevance;
  • text processing - correction, editing, annotation, reviewing, etc.

The word �processing� as a result of such exposure is widely used in music and literature. For example, in music, processing is a potpourri (genre collection of musical works), arrangement, remix. Example in literature: The first literary publication of Russian folk tales was published as a folklore treatment by S. Aksakov.

Processing as a military term is used to denote a bombing or rocket attack. For example: In the morning there was an artillery processing of the front edge of the defense.

In a figurative sense, the word "processing" is used to denote psychological influence, pressure. For example: NKVD investigators subjected detainees to powerful psychological treatment.

This word is used in other areas. For example:

  • in medicine: wound treatment, sanitization;
  • colloquially: hand treatment (manicure);
  • in librarianship: department of processing and acquisition of funds;
  • in tailoring: seam processing (overcasting).

As you can see, this verbal noun is used very widely.In this case, the word does not lose its original meaning, even if used as a term or in a figurative sense.


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