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What is studying sociology?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 2, 2011
What is studying sociology?

The term "sociology" was introduced by O. Comte. He is considered the founder of sociology. This term is derived from the Latin and Greek words: socium (society) and logos (study, science). That is, first of all sociology studies society. But to understand the subject of research, to find out what sociology is studying, this is not enough, because other sciences are also studying the society.

What is studying sociology - the subject of science

Sociology is a science that studies the scientific study of society and social relations.

Every science has an object and subject of study. Sociology was identified as an independent science only after the French thinker O. Comte identified the subject of sociology.

The object of sociology is society (that is, it is a phenomenon that studies sociology). But such sciences as history, political science, economics, for example, also study society, but as if from their own point of view, that is, every science explores some aspect of an object.This aspect is called the subject of science, that is, a specific slice of society for sociology.

But the subject of sociology is already difficult to determine. Discussions about him continue to this day. There are many representatives of the scientific discipline, and everyone puts forward their ideas about the subject of sociology. It is difficult to single out the only correct opinion, so that everyone agreed with him. The fact is that science is young, and the subject has already been modified several times.

Auguste Comte - what sociology studies

According to the thinker O. Comte, sociology studies society in its integrity, and the basis of this integrity is universal agreement. Such agreement is based on the unity of the history of mankind and human nature.

Herbert Spencer - what is studying sociology

The philosopher and scientist from England G. Spencer is also considered the founder of sociology, as a science. He did not fully agree with the opinion of O. Comte. He said that sociology studies society as a social organism. In this organism, integration is combined with differentiation due to the natural evolution of its social institutions.

Sections of sociology

What is studying the sociology of culture

The sociology of culture studies culture using all the achievements of modern social science. That is, the culture here is part of the social system and social relations. Culture is a social institution.

What is studying economic sociology

Economic sociology studies the behavior of people as members of large social groups in a market context using sociological methods. In essence, economic sociology studies the needs, values, interests, and behavior of large social groups (for example, on a demographic basis — women or men from around the world) in a market environment.


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