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What is the biggest bird?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
April 8, 2013
What is the biggest bird?

Our planet is inhabited not only by humans, microbes, animals, but also by birds. It is them that we see in the sky and ask ourselves the question: Why do not I fly like a bird? This article is not intended to give you an answer to this question, it will only allow you to get acquainted with some species of birds and tell a couple of interesting facts.

Giant bird

What is the biggest bird? - you ask. This is a well-known ostrich, and an African. Surprisingly, this bird does not fly and is the largest only in weight. Height can reach up to 2.7 meters, and the weight is much greater than the human. The long-legged ostrich is limited to a weight of 175kg. Not only weight and height indicate that the ostrich is the largest bird on earth, but also the diameter of the eyes. One eye reaches 5 cm. Despite the underdevelopment of the wings, the ostrich is an excellent runner and its speed can reach 60-70km / hour.

Predator in the sky

The largest bird of prey is the Andean condor. He flies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The length of such a predator is from 115 to 135 cm.If you take it in your arms, light, you will not find it, since it weighs from 10 to 15 kg. Condor eats the carcasses of dead animals. This and deer, and cows, and guanaco. On the coast, the predator will not disdain the marine mammals cast ashore. This beautiful bird is listed in the red book. And every year is subject to complete extinction.


The largest flying bird is the well-known albatross. Why are these birds considered large? It's all about the wings. Their scope can reach more than 3.7 m. What allows them to overcome huge distances. Albatrosses live everywhere: from Antarctica to the Hawaiian Islands. They feed mainly on fish and shellfish. In times of famine, they will gladly eat zooplankton or carrion.

Among a large number of birds, the first place is rightfully owned by an African ostrich, because it is the largest bird on earth. Each bird is unique in its own way. However, every year they become less and less. The ecology, hunting, and mistreatment of people are to blame for all this. So let's take care of our flying friends. So that they continue to delight us with the free flight of wings.


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