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What is the continental breakfast in the hotel?

Impressions of any trip are made up of many moments, but it is food that occupies a separate and very important role in this list. There are different types of meals, focused on demand and a purse of any level, the main thing is to choose the one that will meet your needs to the maximum extent.

If the cost of your stay at the hotel includes such a service as a continental breakfast, then before going on a trip, it is useful to familiarize yourself with all its features.

So, what is a continental breakfast and how does it differ from the usual morning meal at the hotel? It would probably be more correct to refer to it as a light snack, since such a breakfast includes the minimum number of foods that, in fact, will only help you to hold out until a normal dinner.

It is difficult to call such a dense breakfast; it is often attributed to light Mediterranean cuisine, which does not include heavy and high-calorie foods, which is why tourists from countries with a cool climate may not like it.

What is included in it?

If in your voucher the type of food is indicated - “CBF” or “continental breakfast”, then it says one thing - the most modest of existing breakfasts is offered to the tourist.

With this system, a change of dishes is not supposed, mainly in similar hotels there is a small guest kitchen where you can pour yourself tea or coffee, take a bun, spread it with butter or jam, and also enjoy a piece of cheese or sausage.

The number of products that are laid out at breakfast, strictly corresponds to the number of hotel guests, supplements are not provided. That is, if someone wants to pamper himself not with one, but, for example, with three buns, then probably some lagging tourist, who woke up only at the end of breakfast, might not get anything.

The menu does not indulge in a variety: it can be buns, drinks and snacks, in many respects, it depends on the hotel itself. For example, in some hotels, corn flakes, fruit, milk, yogurt or boiled eggs may be added to the continental breakfast.

In the more expensive hotels the tables are served by the waiters, however, the breakfast remains still scanty.It is worth noting that some hotels offer an extended continental breakfast, this means that the range of products remains the same, but the portions are not limited, that is, you can put as many buns as you need in your body.

By the way, sometimes extended systems of unscrupulous travel agencies are trying to give out for the system "buffet", however, this is not entirely true. The latter must necessarily include hot dishes in its menu, but in the continental version they simply do not exist.

In general, if a continental breakfast is included in your voucher, then you should not refuse it, especially if the voucher itself is profitable and interesting for your case.

If you feel that you can’t eat up on such a system, you can always approach the reception desk, where, for a separate price, you will be offered a full buffet, which will definitely not leave anyone hungry.


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