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What are the different colors?

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What are the different colors?

In the visual arts at the moment there are many types of paints. We consider the most popular and talk about how they differ from each other.

Acrylic paints

Let's start with acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are usually used in painting. They can also be used in decorative works. The principle of the manufacture of acrylic paint is based on the use of aqueous acrylic dispersions. Acrylic particles are similar to resin: they do not sink and can evenly be distributed over the surface of the water. A characteristic feature of acrylic is the ability to quickly dry. Acrylic has good technical capabilities and, in comparison with oil paints, is more resistant to light. In addition, acrylic is a fairly durable paint in relation to other types of paints. Thus, acrylic can be applied as a bottom layer and not be afraid that it will be washed away when the top is applied.

Oil paints

Oil paints are characterized by an oily structure.On the one hand, these paints were used by such famous artists as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, however they have low light resistance and are not durable.


Gouache is a dense opaque paint, which is characterized by good durability and differs from the above types of paints by the presence of a higher content of pigments. There are two types of gouache: poster and art. In the poster gouache is used the so-called kaolin, which gives the paint a saturation, but because it looks more impressive on the posters and does not have a whitish bloom.

Watercolor paints

Watercolors most suitable for beginners. It is usually used in schools and kindergartens in order to teach children to draw simple drawings. Watercolor paints are relatively inexpensive and convenient to use: they are enoughPaintsdilute with water. With the help of watercolor paints, you can create a feeling of lightness in the picture, lightness, it is good to convey color transitions. However, watercolors have one major drawback: they often look more pale and unsaturated.

Face painting

The so-called akvagrim (water-based makeup) is suitable for those people who want to engage in body art. This paint keeps well on the skin, allows you to create not only beautiful patterns, but also whole pictures. At the same time face painting is easily washed off with plain water.

About the cost of paints

With regards to prices it is worth saying that the most expensive are acrylic and oil paints. However, the price of paint will depend on the brand. Some of them can be very expensive, even if we are talking about a set of eight jars of gouache. At the same time, the composition of paints and its components play an important role. In addition, there are so many sets that are divided into sets for fans, novice artists andPaintsprofessionals.

In conclusion, we can say that if watercolor paints are the easiest to master, then oil paints are the most difficult to use. It is believed that only real artists and masters of fine art can master oil paints.


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