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Why dream of a grandmother?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
August 6, 2012
Why dream of a grandmother?

In all cultures, the grandmother, that is, the elderly woman, the oldest in the race, is a symbol of rich life experience and wisdom. Whether she is alive in your dreams or deceased, you should pay attention to what your grandmother dreams.

  • If you dreamed of your grandmother, who is alive at the moment, this dream foreshadows your reward for your work, the return of duty. If your grandmother is smiling, you will receive support from your relatives or friends. To argue with a grandmother in a dream is to stumble upon a misunderstanding, a dispute or a lawsuit with a person to whom you cannot prove anything. Sick grandmother in a dream - to your weakness and powerlessness in some business.
  • Many are frightened by dreams where they see deceased relatives. It is imperative to figure out why a deceased grandmother dreams. Your deceased grandmother, who dreamed of you, is a sign of future serious changes in life that are unlikely to be prevented.
  • If a grandmother smiles in a dream, it means that in life you are doing the right thing, and the higher forces will give you luck and success for this.Angry or upset grandmother in your dream - to the fact that you need to think about the moral side of your actions and correct, otherwise you will be punished.
  • As a grandmother is a symbol of wisdom, she, having dreamed of you, is a sign that you will soon be given wise and necessary advice that will help in solving your problems. Do not miss it past the ears.
  • It happens that we ourselves, without deciphering the dream, it becomes clear why the deceased grandmother dreams, which in a dream says what you need to do. Usually such dreams are almost a direct message to us. It is necessary to be extremely attentive to these messages and to fulfill, if possible, her request: to go to church, to remember her, or to visit some relative.
  • Dreams associated with your grandmother’s appearance often have a moral and ethical character, tell you about unfulfilled duty, or teach life wisdom. Sometimes such dreams serve as a reminder that we should not forget our relatives and family in pursuit of the acquisition of material goods.

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