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What is the funeral dream about?

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What is the funeral dream about?

Surely, many people give burial (as a rule, there are exceptions) discomfort. The thought about someone's demise (especially a close one) I want to quickly erase from consciousness. In reality, a funeral is a misfortune. But what does sleep symbolize? What is the funeral dream about?

What to expect if a funeral dreams

  • Surprisingly, but a funeral in a dream does not necessarily foreshadow trouble. They may indicate the break of old stereotypes or the completion of a certain stage of life.
  • Dream your own funeral - correct your old mistakes soon. Also wait for family happiness.
  • A relative's funeral in a dream on a fine day suggests that your family will be alive and well. And you can expect an improvement in fate.
  • If the funeral in a dream in the weather is overcast - there may be a decline in business or the illness of a loved one.
  • A gorgeous funeral ceremony in a dream promises wealth.

Do not worry, as it turned out, the funeral in a dream is not such a negative connotation.


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