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What is the name of all of the "Ural dumplings"?

July 30, 2014
What is the name of all of the "Ural dumplings"?

The popular TV show "Ural dumplings" attracts a huge number of people of completely different age to the TV screen. Many TV viewers want to know the names of "Ural dumplings", so they were loved by the members of this KVN team.

Actors of the show "Ural dumplings"

Note that you can hear the name of everyone from the Ural Dumplings, right on the TV show, because in their sketches the guys call each other by their real names.

Male team

  • Dmitry Sokolov - the founder of the Ural dumplings KVN team. He collected it back in his student years.
  • Andrei Rozhkov - one of the main comedians, who are accustomed to see in the role of the grandmother "Pelmeni".
  • Sergey Netievsky - head and producer of the project "Ural dumplings"
  • Sergey Ershov - artistic director of the show, one of its main authors.
  • Dmitry Brekotkin is a frontman, without whom it is simply impossible to imagine the show.
  • Vyacheslav Myasnikov is a member of the Ural Dumplings KVN team, joining her in 2000.
  • Sergey Isaev is an actor of the show who has been in the team since its inception.
  • Maxim Yaritsa is a member of the creative association "Ural dumplings", has been on the team since 1994.
  • Alexander Popov is also a co-author and actor of the program, and he joined the team in 1997.

This is the name of the Ural dumplings, their team has existed for many years, and only 5 participants have left it over the years. Among them is Sergey Svetlakov, who is known to everyone under the project “Our Russia”.

Female team

So, what are the names of the girls from the Ural dumplings? The main lady of the show is Yulia Mikhalkova - Matyukhina. But besides her, the other two girls appear on the scene. This is Stefania-Mariana Gurskaya (since 2013 on the project), known to many from the duo "Plasticine". And also Ilana Yuriev, who has been in Pelmeni since 2012.


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