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What is tipi?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 25, 2015
What is tipi?

The word tipi is of English origin. In the modern explanatory dictionary it is said that such tipi. Namely: tipi is the home of the Indians of North America, which they can tolerate. This hut has a conical shape and is covered with skins of a deer or bison.

The following is a description of the erection of the tipi, and the meaning of the type in the life of the Indians.


Most often, the name of the home of the Indians is not typi, but wigwam. For the nomadic Indians, the tipi are part of their culture and way of life, which is completely integral. Due to its transfer property, tipi are used everywhere. Women and dogs carried their houses, this process was quite heavy, as the burden was weighed down with long poles and a leather tire. Over time, when they began to use horses, they began to install longer poles in tipi. Due to this, the Indian hut could be about five meters in diameter.

Special etiquette rules were also created, which showed where women should be in the hut and where men should be. In addition, it is accepted that in tipi you can only move clockwise.When a guest came into the hut, he was placed in the female half. In the dwelling there was an altar, for which only the owner can enter.

Color tipi had a special meaning. The decoration of the dwelling was done with the traditions of the tribe, mostly natural phenomena and various animals were depicted on the walls. Interestingly, sometimes on the walls depicted the outstanding services of the owner tipi. Each color had its own meaning. Each tipi in the tribe is individual and unique.

Nowadays, this type of housing can be seen among nomadic Indians or among lovers of unique tents.


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