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Why drink collagen?

Want to be beautiful? Without systematic care is not enough. Daily cleansing, moisturizing or nutrition, beauty treatments are all methods that help to affect the skin from the outside. But after 35 years, women notice that wrinkles are getting bigger and their face no longer looks so fresh. The reason is a gradual decrease in the amount of collagen produced. Then it is necessary to influence the body from the inside, if you want to suspend the natural processes of aging at least a little.

Building protein

Collagen is not only a part of the dermis, but also of bones, ligaments, muscles. The condition of teeth, hair, nails directly depends on it. It is this protein that fills the space between the cells, making the skin's texture even.

Recently, recommendations on the intake of this substance as a dietary supplement have increasingly begun to appear. Let's figure out whether it is really necessary and effective.

This protein can often be seen in the composition of anti-age cosmetics. What is it so valuable?

  1. Helps to retain water molecules, thereby preventing dryness and wrinkling.
  2. Participates in the growth of new cells.
  3. Forms the skeleton of the dermis, maintaining its elasticity.

The importance is obvious. Therefore, the demand for the purchase of such drugs has increased recently. What woman would not like to stay young and attractive longer? But then another question arises - how to choose an additive, and what to look for?

The choice is yours

The first thing to decide is the type of collagen. He can be:

  • animal origin;
  • nautical;
  • vegetable.

The first is obtained from skins, bones, cartilage of animals. It is inexpensive, and you can buy it almost any pharmacy. Making sea is more difficult, as they get the necessary substance from the bones and scales of fish. It has a fairly high price, but at the same time, one important advantage is as similar as possible to that produced by the human body.

Although the flaws are also not devoid. The main one is frequent allergic reactions.

The third - vegetable, is obtained from grain crops (in particular, wheat).Such a drug is as safe as possible and as useful as a sea one.

Collagen is produced in four forms - powder, tablets, capsules and liquid for injection. The latter has a fairly large list of contraindications and side effects and is used in cosmetology. For receiving at home is considered the most effective drug in capsules. It is not only maximally well absorbed, but also has a longer effect. Indications for its use are:

  • age-related skin changes;
  • pronounced wrinkles;
  • a decrease in the tone of tissues;
  • deterioration of hair, nails, teeth.

Admission Rules

Before you buy a dietary supplement, you should pay attention to the composition and type of collagen. He can be the first, second and third. How to drink this drug? First of all, it is important to remember that you cannot mix them with each other.

If this substance is type 1 or 2, it must be taken 1 hour before or after eating. Supplement type 3 can be drunk with meals and combined with others. The key to successful digestion of collagen is the presence in the composition of the drug vitamin C. It is he who contributes to the process of absorption. The visible result is given in combination with elastin.

The optimal dose for women is 2 g. Men who are engaged in manual labor and athletes can be increased to 5 g. For prophylaxis and to improve the appearance, dietary supplements can be taken on a regular basis, taking breaks for 7 days between courses.

Pharmacies can also find collagen in the form of tea and coffee. Many doubt its effectiveness and bypass. But in reality, it is nothing more than an additive in powder form. By itself, it has a bitter taste, and to drink it was more pleasant, use additional ingredients. This drink you just need to pour boiling water and let it brew. They can replace the usual tea or coffee.

Contraindications to the use of collagen is the period of pregnancy and lactation, as well as the children's age up to 3 years. Experts do not recommend using this drug without a doctor's prescription and up to 25 years. Until this age, the protein is produced in sufficient quantities by the body.

Take care of yourself. Be beautiful and healthy!

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