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What is zira?

December 19, 2014
What is zira?

Any person, at least once in his life preparing or using pilaf, came across a spice called “Zira”. Let us consider in more detail what a zira is and why it is used.


Externally, the seeds of cumin and cumin (another name for this spice) are very similar, which is why they are often confused. Spawn is common in almost all eastern countries; it is there that is used in cooking often and everywhere. Traditional medicine of these lands considers cumin almost a panacea for all problems of the stomach and heart. Europe knows it much less and mainly in culinary terms, and seasoning is popular in the Mediterranean countries.

Use in recipes

Fans of oriental cuisine imagine what zira is, mainly according to pilau recipes. Meanwhile, the Armenian sudzhuk - a special type of dry sausage - without it will not find its flavor, which is recognized in any sausage shop. And the famous Indian curry seasoning without cumin will not do. The manufacturers of the widely used chilli sauce have also long ago understood what Zira is: it must be included in the modern recipe of the sauce.And this is only the most famous examples!

Recently, our cooks have also appreciated the value of spirits. This seasoning is increasingly used in the most sought-after marinades and pickles. In the gravy for meat it is added by many cooks. Bread factories also adopted cumin - baking from it (and ordinary bread) becomes much more fragrant.


The only thing that can stop a person in an effort to apply such a promising seasoning is any ulcers and gastritis, and with increased acidity. However, seasoning and spices are generally contraindicated for people with such diseases.


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