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What is the legal address to indicate in the registration documents?

I'm interested in the question of jur. address, tell me according to the Ukrainian legislation, if we open an LLC on the general taxation system, and we don’t have an office yet, until we find a suitable one in Kiev, then what legal address should we indicate?
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Andrey Livanov
Andrey Livanov
Answered on February 27, 11:46
Actually, as far as I know, it is the address of your future office that should be the actual and legal address of the company. Maybe you better first rent an office, and then register the company.
Answered on February 27, 12:06
I am not sure that this is correct under the law, but my friends seem to have indicated in the column the legal address of the home address of one of the founders, I mean registration. Try to find out this option from a lawyer.
Answered on February 27, 12:42
This item should be treated responsibly, since the legal address is entered in the charter, and then when it is changed, it will be necessary to make changes to the charter, and this is a paperwork.There is such a service as a legal address for rent, you can use it. I only recommend checking that there really is an office at this address.

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