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What question can I ask a guy?

Difficulties in communicating with girls and boys can arise because of personal characteristics (shyness, silence) or because of the fear of not liking their passion. Especially often adolescents encounter such problems, this is explained by their age. The fact is that during the restructuring of the body a teenager is characterized by increased excitability, anxiety and low self-esteem. In connection with the emergence of difficulties for girls in communicating with guys, we will consider what questions you can ask a guy.

What to ask a guy

Our conversation today will be not quite standard, we will follow the “by contradiction” method. That is, to talk about what questions you can not ask the guy, and then what to ask the guy.

Often it seems that you and the guy have already discussed everything that is possible! It seems that asked all the questions in the world. And to the questions "how are things at school?", "How are things at home?" or "how are your friends?" you hear the daily "normal". Annoying. Do you know what's the matter? The fact that such questions are not worth asking.Make your question more interesting, let it become one that cannot be answered with a monosyllabic "normal." Let's move from words to deeds, let us give an example, what question can a guy ask ... For example, you can ask instead of "how are things at school?": Develop a theme, discuss specific moments about any people, events. Discussing the dirty deeds of your friends, delusional situations or the latest gossip about his surroundings, maybe not very nice, but it brings one hundred percent together! The answers will not be monosyllabic, the relationship will not become monotonous, it will unite you. And it could be another "key" in how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence.

Forget about the rhetorical questions: "when will you quit smoking?", "When will you stop sitting at the computer at night?" or "when are you done drinking beer with friends?" Stop, think ... what's the point of asking such questions? Do you think he will tell you a specific date, time and place? Of course, no, he will stop doing this when he wants to, when he has a more interesting occupation. And believe me, answering such stupid questions to you is not the most exciting thing, it’s better to sit at the computer. And now about how to rectify the situation ...The bottom line is that you need to hook him up with some kind of activity that will be interesting not only for you, but also for him. Here is the question you can ask a guy: "do you like to skate or cheesecakes?" If it is winter, or "how about karting?". And after that, the main thing is not to lose time, as soon as possible go on such an active holiday. A lot of new impressions, a great time with your loved ones is guaranteed! You will then discuss half the day how everything was great and invent new entertainment for yourself.

Let's discuss the phone conversation. Remember your first question, when do you call him? How often do girls not even have time to say hello to a guy, and already ask: "where are you?". Even if he happily rushes to your meeting now or buys flowers for you, this first question can automatically cause irritation. Call or write him a text message with the words "Good morning", and then, for example, this tricky and tender question can be asked to the guy: "Now I am sleeping in a crib after a shower, imagine you next to each other, and what are you doing interesting?" In response, the guy just sounds the place where he is, and both of you will be satisfied.

Questions to guys when meeting

When meeting the main thing is not to lose contact! Well, if, after all, there was a pause, look into his eyes and smile, he will definitely ask: “what?”, And you smile mysteriously, answer “nothing”. Options for questions:

  1. What kind of music prefers, what movies are watching?
  2. What do you like to do in your free time? Open the topic.
  3. Where is studying, working? Specify everything connected with it.
  4. Hang on to what he knows perfectly well, make a surprised and admiring glance and ask the guy: "Do you understand this ??? Wow!" Show me what's interesting to you.

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