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Which resolution is better?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 6, 2013
Which resolution is better?

The resolution of a monitor or screen is the maximum number of dots or pixels, which is located vertically and horizontally. If the monitor supports a resolution that is quite low today, the resolution is 640x480 pixels, then it is called VGA, if 800x600 pixels and more is SVGA or Super VGA. Monitors that provide resolutions of 1024x768 pixels are sometimes called XGA. Characteristics for each specific monitor model is its maximum resolution. It must be remembered that the monitor resolution and screen size are not the same thing. Therefore, what resolution to set depends on the type of monitor and its size.

According to analysts, in the spring of 2012 the resolution of 1024? 768 points for the first time ceased to be the most popular among PC users, giving way to a resolution of 1366? 768 points. In the spring of 2009, a similar resolution was installed on more than 40% of monitors. The resolution of 1366x768 pixels is ahead of the former leader by less than 1%. Therefore, deciding which resolution to choose,You can follow the general trends. But best of all, of course, be guided by the characteristics of the existing monitor. And proceed from its type and capabilities.

Types and resolutions of monitors

What is the maximum resolution you can set? For example, the maximum resolution for LCD monitors will be determined by the resolution of its matrix. And the higher the resolution of the monitor, the more data you can display, or open several files at once, or, for example, edit a large image.

  • In LCD monitors, the resolution depends on the size of the matrix, since the maximum resolution is related to such an indicator as the screen diagonal. Resolution 1024x768 pixels have 15-inch monitors. This resolution is suitable for ordinary office monitors.
  • A resolution of 1280x1024 pixels is standard for 17-inch and 19-inch monitors. Monitors with this resolution can perform a fairly wide range of tasks, and work in the office, and computer games, and watching videos.
  • Higher resolution - 1600x1200 pixels and more have monitors with a larger diagonal. From 20 inches and above, and they are designed to work with engineering and graphic packages.
  • Choosing which resolution is better for CRT monitors, one may not be guided by the parameter of maximum resolution. Since It does not matter in principle because at the maximum resolution the frame rate is very low. And it will not allow to show the image in high quality. Therefore, CRT monitors are practically not used in the maximum resolution mode.

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