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What to do if the condom broke

An unpleasant surprise broke a condom during sex. What to do? I heard that emergency contraceptive pills are very dangerous, is there any other way to prevent pregnancy?


the most true way after all is postinor or analogs, nothing will happen from one time! if you regularly use these drugs, then it is really dangerous

Dangerous and once ...

Maybe our discussion will help someone and the person will make the right and informed decision in accordance with his moral principles.

To be honest, I don’t understand the difference at all, for example, if I drink the same postinor within 1.5-2-3 hours after the PA? or douching done immediately or within the same 1.5-2-3 hours? what is the difference from the moral point of view?

The difference is that sprinkling (like condoms) does not kill the embryo, and postinor and many contraceptives in the form of pills do not allow the embryo that has already started to live to continue

a condom is to n / a, not after)))) asbos, you have some radical views.that is, you yourself have recognized now that douching is absolutely useless, because If fertilization has occurred, then pregnancy will occur in any way. and postinor and pills for sure. I wonder, but if you take a pill immediately after the p / a, then is this the same thing as syringing from a moral point of view?

I think you are confusing means of EC with a medical abortion (when special drugs are administered). Postinor as well as douching prevents the birth of pregnancy. Therefore, it must be taken in the shortest possible lines, since it may not have any influence on the embryo.

in that case, if you take only your point of view, then there are NO ways to prevent pregnancy, if the condom broke, simply does not exist


postinor is only for emergency cases, but this is

Once a doctor prescribed Janine for me, and for some reason I drank it for a month, and after a while I found out that he was acting the same way. That is, there may be cases when fertilization occurs, but due to hormonal disruption in the mother, the developing organism cannot attach to the uterus and dies. Now all my life I will wonder if it happened.Therefore, in my opinion, in order to avoid such thoughts, it is better not to take any pills without examining the method of their action. Most doctors emphasize whether a drug is harming or not harming reproductive health, and they don’t report how many new organisms, possible children, die.

Many women, knowing how such drugs work, would not take them, as they would never have had an abortion. And who would have done so, the pill is not difficult to drink.

I'm sorry I don’t want to offend you, but you write some nonsense, why are you confusing the people? The doctor did not warn you that Janine is a contraceptive? it is prescribed for treatment as a rule, it is warned that it has a contraceptive effect, but not at all like that of a postinor. Janine should be drunk in a cycle like all normal birth control pills. and all my life regretting that you drank the drug that the doctor prescribed for you, and you think up something for yourself, I think you are bored and you are looking for yourself some problems out of the blue. Do you have children?

Two. Contraceptive action as prevention of fertilization (condom, douching) is one thing, but contraceptive action in the form ofthat the embryo is not allowed to attach to the wall of the uterus (like a helix, postinor, a number of contraceptives called “contraceptives” in the form of tablets) is another. Many use them, unfortunately, not realizing this or not being interested in the principle of action.

It's not a matter of thinking and problems out of the blue. After lying down in the hospitals on conservation, I talked to the girls and saw what they were doing in the neighboring wards for those who want to have an abortion, I realized that this is one of the most significant problems in our society, in which the life of an unborn person, unfortunately, nothing not worth it.

Probably, this also applies to the Russian "trustful" and "self-imposed" mentality. Many people do not know how pills, spirals, etc. work and use them, trust doctors, advertising, etc.

not everyone is as naive and trusting as you want to show, everyone just has their own life experience

yes dofiga women, in principle, could not give birth, not taking the same Janine, what is the point of the conversation at all?

you scold our doctors, and you know that in many Western countries, in principle, pregnancy is not saved in the early stages? those.it is believed that if there is a threat of miscarriage, then the fetus is not viable and no one is fighting for his life, how are you?


Pills are also an abortion.


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