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What to do if you lost the rights?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
May 22, 2012
What to do if you lost the rights?

Let's say you lost your driver's license. Well, or maybe they stole them from you. You are ready to lose a lot of money and time, but this is absolutely not necessary if you know the sequence of actions when recovering documents. About what to do if you lost the rights you will read in this article.

What should the driver do if he lost his license?

For several years now, new driving permits have been issued to replace those that have been lost without passing the practical and theoretical exams. If you lose your driver's license, you need to come to the traffic police department at your place of residence, who has the right to exchange and issue rights. If there are several such offices in the city, you must first find out which of them is assigned to your area. This can be done by calling the traffic police reference center or at the nearest on-duty office.

So, the first thing you come to the traffic police office. There you will be given a form to fill out.Do not forget to take along a Russian passport, two photos of 3x4, a valid medical certificate and a driver card. If the driver’s personal card is also lost, then a driving school certificate with a mark on the issue of rights in the traffic police, a photocopy of your rights, made prior to their loss, or a permit to drive a car, indicating the series and driver's license number, will work. If none of the listed documents are checked in the traffic police you will be more thorough, and therefore you will receive new rights much later.

If the rights were stolen or lost as a result of a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.), then a certificate of this is useful and the issuance of a duplicate will speed up.

And take money with you, they will have to be paid for issuing a new driver's license, this can be done in any branch of Sberbank. The specific amount that must be paid, and details will tell you in the traffic police. This amount is different in each region of the country, because it is set by local authorities.

Last of all, be patient. Since the period for issuing a new driver's license is sometimes delayed up to two months.Basically this is the waiting time. Initially, the traffic police thinks that you have not lost rights and they have been withdrawn from you, for example, for gross violation of traffic rules. And you, they say, want to get new ones, declaring the disappearance of old ones. Therefore, you will be checked for a long time on the database. By the way, if you do not have closed fines, then you will not be able to get new rights, so we advise you to take care of this in advance. In the meantime, a driver's license is issued, traffic cops are required to issue you a temporary permit for the duration of registration. On it to go and you will.

The main thing is not to lose optimism. Loss of documents is very common and happens in the life of every person, even the most responsible. So stop reproaching yourself for your stupidity and go ahead for new rights. How to do this without prejudice to personal time, you now know.


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