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What to do in life?

With age, people begin to think about what they have had in their lives, and, looking at them, adolescents already argue that they need time in life, so that later they don’t regret the lost years. Analyzing all this, British scientists have compiled two lists, one tells about what a person can experience with the help of science, the second about the things that need to be done in life. We will review both of these lists.

Mad Scientists Suggestions

What you need to have time in life is mandatory? Everyone has their own opinion on this. This is what scientists offer.

  1. Go to the South Pole and visit the sauna at a temperature of plus 93 Celsius (plus 200 Fahrenheit), then immediately run out on the street, where the temperature is minus 73 Celsius (minus 100 Fahrenheit).
  2. Extract your own DNA.
  3. Boil a hard boiled egg using a mobile phone.
  4. Clone your pet.
  5. Reach multiple orgasm.
  6. Call your name new species of plants and animals.
  7. Swim in the bioluminescent lake.
  8. Learn Indian Chokto. The difficulty is that the language contains two past times, where the first conveys information that is reliable, and the second for information "for what I bought, for what I sell."
  9. Solve the riddle number 137.
  10. Measure the speed of light, heating up the chocolate in the microwave.
  11. After death, leave your body to forensic medical examiners for advanced training. To do this, it will be taken to the field in Tennessee, where it will decompose.
  12. Leave to cremate your body, after which a 1 carat diamond will be made of the dust of the carbon.

Similar suggestions were published in the magazine New Scientist and have already been loved by many readers, despite the fact that the ideas are somewhat insane. Well, what else to do in life if it is so short and unpredictable.

What is most important

The list offered to your attention, explains what must be done in life.

  1. To be born at the right time, in the right place and with the right parents. Perhaps in heaven we choose our parents for ourselves, so never say that they are not the way we would like.
  2. Plant at least one tree, build your house, have a baby and find a life partner who will do the rest. This is the most important thing in life, because without family and there will be no happiness.
  3. To gain the meaning of life. A very important point, because thanks to this, we define for ourselves the goals and methods of their implementation.
  4. Learn to use the capabilities of your own brain by at least 15%. This is what will help to become a great man.
  5. Tell your parents how much you love them. Do not forget relatives, because at one point their life can end, but you still did not have time to say the most important thing.
  6. Win cellulite. This will ensure a healthy future and self-confidence.
  7. To keep healthy. In order to achieve goals and fulfill your desires, you need health.
  8. Fall in love. To feel such a strong feeling, which is likely to end with an unrequited love, it is worth it. And it will help in the future to decide on what kind of person is needed nearby.
  9. Change the course of history. We all change the course of history as soon as we achieve our goals.

What would not hurt to do

  1. Make a tattoo. The fact that in old age can be remembered with a smile.
  2. Swim with dolphins. It will help to achieve harmony with your body and improve your physical condition.
  3. Get the Nobel Prize. The recognition of your achievement by other people is worth a lot.
  4. Buy a forest and make a reserve there. Take care of nature, which is already a little on the planet.
  5. Reach Nirvana.It will help to achieve harmony with the inner world.
  6. Finish the repair. You just need to start somewhere, and then all problems will be solved.
  7. Unleash your clothing line. Be a person and show it to the world.
  8. Build a temple. Thereby helping to become better hundreds of other people.
  9. Get into the Guinness Book of Records. A small achievement is a huge step towards success.
  10. Ride on an elephant. It is worth experiencing all the sensations.
  11. Dance striptease for a loved one. Give pleasure to a loved one and believe in their abilities.
  12. Jump with a parachute. Feel the flight of a bird.
  13. Fly into space. It is worth seeing all corners of this world.

The most interesting

  1. Outbid Chelsea from Abramovich.
  2. Become a genius, and then give birth to a genius.
  3. Negotiate Zhirinovsky.
  4. Finish the periodic table.
  5. Win a lot of $ 1 million in the lottery and not pay taxes.
  6. “Make” a harem.
  7. Bite Tyson.
  8. Buy a plot on the moon.
  9. Dine with the Queen of Great Britain.
  10. To throw a party in the Kremlin.
  11. Buy a car under the color of shoes.
  12. Create your own religion.
  13. Find the "gold party".

As you can see there are many ideas in the list that are just as crazy as the first one, but the most important thing is to create a happy family and achieve harmony with the inner world and body. That is what makes us happy.In addition, it was precisely the insane and completely absurd acts that all geniuses did, which left their mark on history. Well, what you need to do life for you, you have to decide for yourself. And maybe you have to make your list of the most important things for life. And having made it, do not depart from the plan and do not abandon goals. Remember, you just need to start!


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