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What to expect from marriage?

What to expect from marriage?What to expect from marriage? If you think that he will give you the happiness that you lack, then you are mistaken. Unhappy people, entering into marriage, create unhappy families. Marriage is not a way to get rid of emptiness or depression. Overcoming depression and spiritual emptiness will require psychological work and spiritual development. Family life will only complicate your problems. Therefore, first of all, take care of yourself, and then worry about matrimony. The same goes for the inner fears, the desire for security, the negative attitude towards oneself, and so on. I repeat once again: first solve the internal problems, and then engage in the device of personal life. Then it won't even occur to you to start a family in order to get rid of the negative state.


Do you think that married life is a romantic idyll and unearthly bliss that never ends? You need to urgently descend from heaven to earth. Marriage is a commitment made by two imperfect persons. They promise to love each other, sacrifice themselves for the sake of each other and build a family together.I emphasize keywords: commitment, two, imperfect, love, sacrifice and build. Behind these words are suffering, effort, a long wait for a reward that may not come, and other difficulties. But this hard work brings remarkable fruits, and first of all - real, deep love. I must admit that all good things in family life are not given effortlessly. Therefore, marrying, remove rose-colored glasses and look at things realistically.


Do you think marriage will significantly improve your life? On the one hand, family and marriage really transform life. On the other hand, marriage is not a means of improving life. If something doesn't work out in your life, work on this issue. Arrange yourself a decent life while you are alone. Who will other people want to tie their fate to? Only with a man who has everything in order. It is unlikely that anyone, except for deeply co-dependent individuals, will be interested in playing the role of a lifeguard for a person whose life does not add.


What to expect from marriage? Perhaps when you are getting married, do you prove to yourself that you are normal? People often look at marriage or marriage as an opportunity to prove that they are desirable and not worse than others.Sometimes marriage becomes the key that opens the door to society, or even a way to make parents happy. But marriage is not a means to increase self-esteem, to appease mom and dad, or to provide a sense of belonging. Marriage is the decision to change your life and your state, from being a single person to becoming a family. And this decision will be followed by many changes. But marriage does not help to overcome the problems that are mentioned in this paragraph.


I will draw conclusions; if you need marriage in order to fill life, to gain a goal or to reach spiritual fullness, do not rush to marry or get married. First - full life, healing and liberation, deliverance from a sense of loneliness. Everything else - later. Build a life before marriage that you would be happy with. Do you know how to successfully prepare for family life? Become a holistic, healthy person, which nothing drives in family life. Then you will be able to enter into marriage for true motives and for the right reasons, not out of need, but out of desire. You will make a free choice, knowing that you have made a wise, correct, timely, and blessed decision by God.


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