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How to feed a child 1 year?

One year is an amazing age. A lot changes in a child: behavior with people around him, his attitude towards himself, as well as tastes in relation to food. How to feed a child 1 year? What can you give, and with what kind of food will you wait? When giving crumbs new types of food for him, be prepared for the fact that the child will not accept it and will refuse. Do not persuade him. It may be worth the wait and not yet give a "new" product. From this article, you can learn not only new information, but also acquire additional knowledge about how to feed a child of 1 year.

Food unsuitable for toddlers

Keep in mind that:

  • Nuts and small pieces of solid food can cause choking;
  • Sweet food causes caries;
  • At this age, salt the food of the child so that it seems to you not completely salty.

It is better to use iodized salt: it will provide the growing body with iodine; 4. Sausages and sausage - this is not children's food. These products contain a lot of harmful additives for kids and a lot of salt. Replacing natural meats with sausages, cereals made from whole grains - pasta,and broth hips and fresh juices - compotes, will inevitably lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body of the child.

Sample menu at the beginning of 1 year of life

Food may be more dense than before. For the development of the chewing apparatus of the baby. That is, try at this age not to chop products too finely, let's nibble an apple slice (without peel), carrot and more. In general, what to feed a child of 1 year is a task that can be difficult for many parents. After all, the child is no longer just a crumb but not so big as to seat him behind an adult table. From the age of 1, children can be given weak black tea. It is advisable to alternate it with juices, homemade compotes, jelly. Remember that the volume of liquid needed by the child during the day should be about one liter per day, including taking into account the soup eaten, dairy products. The interval between feedings should be approximately 4 hours. Here is a sample menu for the child:

6:00 - breast milk (GM) or adapted mixture (AS) - 100-200 ml; 10:00 - porridge, volume: 180-200 ml,? yolk, fruit juice-100 ml; 14:00 - to choose: meat and vegetable puree or fish puree with vegetables -200 g,fruit juice (tea, compote to choose from); 18:00 - GM or AS - about 80 ml, cottage cheese - about 50 g, and fruit puree - volume 90-100 g; 22:00 - GM or AS-200 ml / or kefir 200 g / or porridge 180-200 g, tea, juice, whole milk, 20-50 g

During the day, the child should receive: wheat bread, crackers, biscuits, vegetable oil and butter, dairy products, not more than 400-500 g per day. Your pediatrician will help you to make an individual feeding scheme for your child, which will greatly facilitate your decision on how to feed your child. 1 year. In the winter diet of a baby of 1 year must be butter and vegetable oil. Sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese, choose the store with an average percentage of fat. Try to make the diet of the crumbs varied and balanced. Teach to have fun, that is, while eating, invent interesting stories about vegetables, fruits, show a little imagination. In the winter period, the baby especially needs energy products - fruits, berries (you can prepare for the future, by freezing in the freezer), juice, cereals, bread. For the proper functioning of the child's body, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are required. Their ideal ratio to the age of three is 1: 1: 3.A child from 1-3 years old can get 1540 calories per day. Therefore, making up the diet, evenly distribute calories between meals. The morning breakfast may account for 20% of the daily needs of the baby, for the second breakfast - about 10%, for lunch - about 35%, for afternoon tea - 10% (for example, cottage cheese), for dinner - 25% (it is preferable to give vegetables or porridge) .

Sometimes it is very difficult to agree with the baby to eat a healthy and vitamin-filled product. At this point moms have to go to the trick - you can distract with a toy with melodies, you can give jars with lids while feeding, and sometimes you need cooking tricks. For example, if a child does not want to eat boiled vegetables, they can be ground in a blender with meat, make meatballs and cook in broth. Useful substances found in vegetables are best absorbed with vegetable or butter.

Remember that there should be no coercion to eat! The main thing, if you are patient, will be a little imagination in cooking, if you serve the table beautifully, then with great probability you can say that the child will eat with a big appetite.

General recommendations

  • Despite the young age, serve beautifully. Table and dishes "delicious" make out.
  • Put some food on the plate. Kids get scared of large portions.
  • From an early age try to cultivate the taste tastes of the baby. Direct your strength to the child to love fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables.
  • Remember that the food that is cooked just by simple technology is useful.

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