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What to make of red currant?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
January 27, 2015
What to make of red currant?

Red currant is just a storehouse of vitamins. Many people like to make compotes or jellies out of it. In fact, the options that can be made of red currant, much more.

The following describes the preparation of tincture and currant marmalade.

Currant tincture

For example, you can make quite a tasty tincture. To do this you will need red currant itself, granulated sugar and vodka. Pour red currant with sand and pour over vodka. Leave for about a month, then remove, rub the berries through a sieve and pour the tincture into another container. Let it brew for about a couple of months. Take about a liter of vodka or a little less per kilogram of berries. Optionally, you can add to the currants and other berries.

Currant marmalade

Natural red currant marmalade will delight you and especially children. Nothing special for its preparation you will not need: a kilogram of berries, a couple glasses of granulated sugar and a spoonful of water. The recipe is simple:

  1. Sort and rinse the berries, put them in a saucepan and steam with a little water until the currants are soft.
  2. Then through a fine sieve, wipe the berries thoroughly, add sugar and start cooking.
  3. Determination of readiness is quite simple - the juice will be ready to become a jelly when its drop does not spread on a plate;
  4. Then pour the juice in molds and leave to dry overnight (you can in the fridge).
  5. In the morning, just take out the marmalade and roll it in sugar. At this cooking marmalade is completed, you can pour the tea and entertain guests.

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