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What will be the fashion in 2016?

The fashion world has long been not limited to shows and seasonal trends, since everyone is frankly fed up with twice a year to completely update their own wardrobe. Judging by the events in fashion that occurred in 2015, in the new 2016, watching fashion will be even more interesting, because as a social phenomenon it will reflect everything that happens in our society - new standards of beauty, universal dependence on social networks, increasing the dynamics of life, the crisis utilitarian approach to things and increased attention to other cultures.

Focus on social networks and reality shows

The idea of ​​moving the shows to various geographical locations, whether it’s Pierre Cardin’s house in Cannes or the stadium in Seoul, is not new, but in 2016 it will continue: Eddie Sliman, the “leader” of Saint Laurent, decided to split the show into two parts and one to show Hollywood and the other in Paris. Perhaps no one has yet reached such ingenuity, but one thing is clear - now all means are good to turn the show into a show. Designers adhere to the same logic, replacing the so-called “ordinary” models with models-stars of social networks that promote a show or collection no worse than any advertising.


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