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What do you need to have milk?

The presence of milk in a nursing mother and its quantity directly depend on both the state of health of the body and various external factors. On nutrition, physiotherapy, psychological and other lactation stimulants, read on.

Proper feeding

We deliberately put this item in the first place, since it is the wrong approach to the feeding process that most often becomes the cause of insufficient amount of milk from the mother. Good and regularly eating baby is the most important thing that is necessary for full lactation. As the milk decreases during feeding, the body automatically produces its new portions. If for any reason the milk in the breasts remains, the production of new portions slows down, and then stops altogether.

Basic feeding rules

  • To feed the child should not according to the regime, but according to his desire.
  • It is advisable to feed the baby after each sleep and 2-3 times per night. The total number of feedings per day can reach 12 or more times. If the child has not shown a desire to eat within 2 hours after the previous feeding, then you should offer him the breast yourself.
  • To teach your baby to eat well, try to remove the various bottles with nipples and soothers, reduce the amount of liquid to drink. Then the thirst and sucking reflex will get used to be realized through the mother’s breast.
  • Avoid long walks without feedings. Plan your business and rest between feedings.

Proper breastfeeding

  • Breast should not slip in the mouth of the crumbs.
  • He should seize with his lips not only the nipple, but also most of the halos.
  • The child’s chin should touch the chest while both lips of the mouth are turned out.
  • With the correct position of the baby and the full process of feeding can not hear a smack.
  • During feeding, the mother should not increase chest pain.

Avoid using breast pads during lactation - this can also adversely affect the quality of lactation.

Finally, do not forget about the emotional background. The child is incredibly sensitive to the mother, he reads and analyzes her psychological state on the level of reflexes. This means that a constant and very strong negative can affect the quantity of milk and its quality.However, one should not be afraid of short-term unpleasant emotions and light stresses - they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the process of milk production.

Food nursing mom

There is no need to adhere to any special diet to maintain effective breastfeeding, however, it is necessary to follow the basic rules that will help maintain lactation at the right level.

  • Water. This is perhaps the first thing you need to have milk. On the day you need to drink from 8 to 10 glasses of clean drinking water (not to be confused with tea, juice and other beverages). And you can drink, in particular, before each feeding. This will not only contribute to a healthy lactation rhythm, but also have a positive effect on the general condition of the woman. It is not recommended to drink more water, as excess liquid will cause swelling and stagnation of milk.
  • It is necessary to abandon cow's milk and some other dairy products (for example, sour cream, yogurt), products with preservatives, dyes and other synthetic substances, from exotic fruits, as well as from dishes that are unusual for you.All of them can provoke allergic reactions in the baby, which directly affects his appetite, and hence the amount of milk in the breast.
  • For a nursing mother, protein foods such as boiled chicken fillets are very desirable. You can also eat fish and meat - not fat, without an abundance of spices and "adult" additives like beer klyar, wine sauce and so on. Especially good are the steamed dishes - they contain a huge supply of vitamins, which simply fade when frying or stewing, making the product, although more tasty, but much less useful.
  • Should be in the diet of seasonal vegetables and herbs.

Moreover, if you notice an allergic reaction in a baby, try to analyze exactly what product of your diet could cause it. Give it up for a few days - if the allergy goes away or subsides significantly, then it was in him.

Ways to stimulate lactation

  • Lactogonic teas (sold in pharmacies).
  • Breast self-massage with special “for nursing mothers” products or regular vegetable oil with the addition of a few drops of anise or fennel essential oil, for example.
  • Long and frequent walks in the fresh air.

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