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When instead of a set of tools they sent an inflatable doll: anecdotes about relationships

The relationship between a man and a woman is an endless source of inspiration for creating hilarious jokes. Men, for example, naively assume that small imperceptible fairies live in the house, who tidy up, collect socks in a laundry basket, put on washing and hang clothes. They also wipe dust, clean the floors, wipe windows and mirrors. And then the fairies cook dinner, set the table. And at this moment - the crown of a man, who sits down and wonders how so much food. And how it suddenly became so clean in the apartment. At this moment his wife is tactfully silent.


Photo source: pixabay.com

Of course, all people are different. And women have their own characteristics, which are often mocked by men. For example, the complete inability to park or a strange way to drive a car. We offer you a selection of Friday jokes, so as not to get bored on the eve of the weekend.


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