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When should I contact a child psychologist?

Every good parent dreams and cares about his child growing up happy, healthy and active, and subsequently becoming a successful and self-sufficient adult.

In the first few months of the baby's life, we are worried, basically, about eating and sleeping on time, then we follow its development, we change diapers and we teach ourselves to independence, we try to develop its physical and mental abilities, we do everything so that it in which he did not need.

The only thing that we often forget about for some reason is the psychological health of the child, which is no less important than his physical condition.

Often parents do not even think about the fact that the child needs help trying to cope on his own with his whims and periodic tantrums, believing that this is a temporary phenomenon.

Unfortunately, few people who think that even the smallest representatives of the human race are in the head, their thoughts, ideas, fears and reasonings are born, which they do not always share with others.

And sometimes you want to know what is happening in his own inner world? What does he think and what is pushing him towards certain actions? Does he develop correctly for his age, communicate with a sufficient number of peers and is he able to behave correctly in a certain situation?

Psychological health of the child is important not less than physical

At some point, the child begins to argue with his loved ones, is naughty, refuses to go to school or to the garden, does not listen and repels any help. A whole chain of thoughts and questions originates in the head of the mother, why does he do this? After all, before this child was obedient and kind?

Just as the list of questions can be tremendous, and the answers are simply multiplying in front of you, and sometimes it’s not easy to get to the truth. But unresolved situations, misunderstanding in conflicts lead to the most irreversible consequences, to deal with which after some time is very difficult.

Of course, the emergence of controversial situations is a completely natural process, which speaks of the maturation of your offspring and its formation as a person.

But are we doing right in these situations? After all, it will depend on our decisionshow will the child react, will we not break that fragile and priceless inner world that is just beginning or is already confidently forming? A child psychologist will be able to answer all these questions, it’s not necessary to go to him right away with the baby, it’s quite possible that only recommendations and advice are enough for you, and it may be that the child only needs help from a specialist.

Overcome yourself

Often, parents refuse such trips, because the question arises, what will people say? For some reason, this moment worries many, the trip to the psychologist is associated with something shameful, our people are not accustomed to the fact that this is normal and absolutely not shameful.

The psychologist is not a psychiatrist, he does not write prescriptions and does not make diagnoses, he helps your child cope with problems, difficult situations without mental injury, everything takes place in such forms that, as a result, the child himself comes to the right decision.

And all the prejudices are better to eradicate and forget about their existence forever, the health and emotional state of your child is much more important.

Another moment, which at the subconscious level pushes parents away from going to the doctor, is the fear of being “bad” parents, realizing that they did something wrong in raising a baby.

Find a good specialist is not easy

Therefore, moms and dads begin to grab books, study psychology and try to solve the problem themselves. It is important to understand that all of us become parents for the first time, no one teaches us this and does not give private lessons, therefore it is normal to make mistakes. And if you manage to correct your mistakes, it will only benefit you and your child.

What problems can you contact a psychologist for children?

  • If you began to notice that your baby is overgrown with fears and a feeling of constant anxiety: fear of the dark, heavy rain or wind, stay in the room alone, fear of animals, insects, then this is a signal. At a certain age - this is normal, indicative of the development of the child’s imagination and imagination. However, this feeling of constant fear causes depression, affects activity and initiative, leads to the fact that the child begins to avoid certain life situations, which is not good. The psychologist will be able to overcome this period painlessly for the baby and deprive the parents of permanent discomfort.
  • If you begin to notice that you are losing control over your child, he obeys ever less, often falls into hysterics and does everything in his own way, whatever you tell him.It is necessary to cope with such impulses correctly, not to deprive the child of the opportunity to become a strong personality in the future, but at the same time not to lose that fine thread that keeps him on the verge of a reasonable one.
  • Another fairly common problem is the feeling of shyness. So what, you say, well, the child can not just come and meet, will make up when he grows up. Unfortunately, if a child avoids contact with his peers, does not try to find friends and does not try to protect himself in a conflict situation, then in the future something is unlikely to change, unless, of course, this is corrected in childhood. To avoid being told there, but shyness and excessive shyness can be overcome.
  • Aggressiveness. Practically every parent faces this problem, the child becomes overly angry, may deliberately offend another child or hurt the animal, defiantly tear the head of the toy and say that it needs it. It is very important that this trait does not lie deep in the brain, preventing the formation of a normal and decent person. Advice from a child psychologist to parents will help overcome this period in the life of your child.
  • Other situations. In fact, the psyche of children is vulnerable and very vulnerable, and if in life there are situations with which it is difficult for an adult to cope, the child can completely withdraw into herself, drop a school, stop communicating with other people. Such situations include the death of a loved one, a serious illness of a child or someone from a family member, the emergence of a new family member, the first trip to school or garden, many reasons, and not every parent is able to find the right solution and provide relevant assistance. The psychologist will be able to determine the cause of the experience, as well as find the right path for the child, who will help him, as less painlessly as possible, to survive what has happened.

Finding a child psychologist is not a problem now, they are in almost every kindergarten or school. This person with the help of special game forms, pictures, unobtrusive testing and conversations, will be able to give necessary recommendations to parents. If you are planning a trip to a psychologist, then do not delay, because children are developing very rapidly, and at some certain moment it may be too late.

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