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When to plant apples?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
December 7, 2012
When to plant apples?

Fans of the garden and garden often ask questions about the cultivation of various fruit-bearing crops. In this article we will answer the question of when to plant apples.

As the centuries-old practice of gardening shows, fruit-bearing trees best tolerate planting in open ground in a state of "rest" when the foliage is dropped. Consequently, this is the period from autumn to spring. However, we must understand that before the onset of frost the tree must have time to harden in the ground, so that it could survive the winter.

When to plant apple trees in the fall?

In any region, apple trees should be planted no later than a month before the first frost. For central Russia, this period lasts from mid-September to early October. In the northern areas it is better to finish with the planting of apple trees until mid-September, and even better to plant your apple tree in spring to protect it from the harsh northern winter, otherwise your tree may die. In the south, the weather sometimes allows planting apple trees until the end of October.If you did not have time to plant a tree in these terms, then it is better to transfer the planting in the spring, because the root system will not have time to grow bony roots. The plant will be deprived of normal nutrition in winter, which will lead to its full or partial freezing.

When to plant apple trees in spring?

If you decide to plant an apple tree in the spring, do not delay it. Disembarkation should be carried out in early spring, before budding begins. In the middle lane, the landing period begins in mid-April. In the northern areas, planting trees is shifting closer to the beginning of May. It is very important that about a month elapses before the hot days begin, so that the root system has time to gain a foothold, otherwise the tree will get sick for a long time and grow weak.

Now you know when to plant apple trees. Choose a period more convenient for you and start landing.


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