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Where are the most beautiful girls?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 19, 2013
Where are the most beautiful girls?

Beauty is a terrible power. From time immemorial, men worshiped female beauty. It is female beauty that is sung in many songs and is the inspiration for many poets and artists. Recently, the global magazine Travelers Digest set out to find out which country’s girls are the most beautiful. They conducted a survey, on the basis of which a list of cities was compiled, where excellent representatives of the weaker sex live.

So, let's see what happened to them:

  • First place in this list is occupied by girls from Amsterdam. They pay special attention not only to their face, but also to their figure. On the streets of the city, you almost never meet one well-fed lady. Many residents lead a healthy lifestyle and devote almost all of their free time to sports.
  • The second place belongs to Israel. The inhabitants of this city are so beautiful that they downright amaze men with their beautiful, expressive eyes in the very heart.
  • Third place goes to Montreal.In the list where the most beautiful girls of the world are listed, the residents of this city found themselves not only due to their external data, but also the ability to present themselves.
  • The fourth place belongs to the girls of Venezuela. They are beautiful, sociable and able to turn ordinary gray days into a fairy tale.
  • Fifth place is occupied by residents of Moscow. It's no news that Russia is the birthplace of many beauties. They are famous for their natural, natural beauty. And they do not need to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to attract the attention of a beloved man.
  • Los Angeles is in sixth place. In this city, the girls are beautiful like flowers, the city itself is like a beautiful flowerbed with flowers. There are so many beauties in Los Angeles that you can provide brides with several thousand bridegrooms. So the men living in this city can only be envied.
  • The seventh place went to Bulgarian beauties. These girls can conquer the hearts of even the most hardened bachelors on the entire planet. They are very sophisticated, beautiful and charming.
  • Eighth place went to residents of Buenos Aires. There are also many beauties.The girls are very funny, smart and well-read. The most powerful argument is that they are very natural.
  • Ninth place belongs to Denmark. These girls are not only attractive, sexy and charming, but also very distinguished by their friendliness.
  • The last city where the most beautiful girls on Earth was Stockholm. There, almost every girl is beautiful. They are educated and are very good housewives.

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