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Where can I find a song?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
Where can I find a song?

We hear music everywhere. But sometimes you want to know who performs this or that song, to download it to your phone or computer. If you think about where you can find a song by words or melodies, then you need to choose one of our options.


The best option to search for songs on the Internet is an online service. You only need to hum a part of the song or turn it on in the player. After listening for a few seconds, the program will offer you the received options. Here you can also write a line from a song or a title for search.


If you have recorded a small excerpt of the song, you can upload it on the site - and get the name of the song and its author. This service is completely free and does not require registration. This service only works with recorded passages. If you listen to a song, then record it on the site will not work.

For more information about searching for a song by a melody, see How to find a song by a melody.


If you do not know a line from the song or the author, then you can type a melody on the keyboard, and the site will recognize it. As a result, you can find out the author of the song and download it from the site.


Shazam - an application that can be installed on your phone or tablet for free. With it, you can determine the name and artist of the composition. You can download the application from the site.

The program is also interesting because the information found can be shared with friends on social networks.


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