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What is zorbing?

If you like extreme, then be sure to find out what zorbing is, and make a fascinating and full of thrills walk in the zorba.

What it is?

Zorbing is a kind of attraction that allows you to ride in a special ball - zorb. Some consider such a hobby a separate extreme sport.

There are several types of zorbing:

  1. Descent A person is fastened inside the zorb using a special system of fasteners and descends, for example, from a mountain. Thus, a certain trajectory of movement is set, and a rather impressive speed develops.
  2. Running or walking on a flat horizontal surface. In this case, a person moves freely inside.
  3. Hydrozorbing, that is, water. Zorb is placed in some kind of body of water (for example, in the pool, lake, river or even the sea), and the person freely moves inside, thus moving on the water surface.

To try yourself in such a modern and unusual sport, you need to figure out where to go, sign up (if necessary), come and try your strength.

A bit of history

The first zorbs appeared in 1973, but they looked completely different than the modern ones, and were more dangerous. But in 1990 New Zealanders Andrew Akers and Duane Van Der Sluys modified the configuration and brought it to perfection, but this sport became popular only in the last decade.

What is zorb?

Zorb - this is the main and only equipment zorbonavta (the so-called person who is inside and makes a walk or descent). It is a ball made of durable polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane.

It consists of two spheres: a smaller inner diameter of about 1.8 meters and a larger outer diameter of about 3.2 meters. The distance between them is about 60-70 centimeters, they are firmly fastened. Inside there is air. The total volume of the ball is about 13 cubic meters, and the equipment weighs about 70-80 kilograms.

Zorbonavt gets into the inner chamber through a small inlet opening that closes from the outside with a special valve. Inside there is one or two suspension systems that fix the person and do not allow him to move freely (sometimes they are not, if free movement in the zorba is supposed).

Are there any risks?

Although usually every producer or owner of zorbs, rented or leased, tries to ensure maximum safety of the zorbauts, yet no one is insured against certain risks.

Possible threats:

  • The uncontrollability of zorb. If you make a descent, then at a set speed Zorb can change the trajectory of movement and roll absolutely not where it was intended. Known sad cases associated with such a risk. For example, in 2013 in Dombay during the descent from the steep slope of the zorb at the end of the route did not stop, as was intended, but changed the trajectory and slipped into the abyss. As a result, one person died. But this is a single case, and to avoid a tragedy, choose proven and as safe as possible tracks.
  • There is a risk of injury. And although there is an air chamber in the balloon, if there is a fall from a great height, the depreciation will not be sufficient and the zorbonavt can get serious damage.
  • Risk of choking. Although it is minimal, it is. Zorb is completely sealed, that is, the air from the environment does not flow into it. And if you stay there for a long time, then the volume of oxygen will gradually decrease.Although the walk is unlikely to be so long that the air will end completely, but even with its minimal shortage a person may panic, and the brain will experience oxygen starvation.
  • The impossibility of self-evacuation. If suddenly something happens, and you decide to get out of the zorb, you will not be able to do this, as there is no self-evacuation function and emergency exit. In any case, you will need outside help.
  • If you decide to engage in water zorbing, and on the open and deep water, then be careful, as in some circumstances you can drown. For example, if the shell is accidentally damaged, the ball will no longer float, and you cannot get out of it or swim inside the zorb.

How to start?

Starting to do zorbing is simple, since no special training is required. All you need is to find a zorb and a suitable place to walk. The ball, by the way, can both be rented or purchased. But it is still better to choose the first option, since you will have to constantly take your own zorb with you (and it is not easy) and inflate.

Amusement parks, where you can do zorbing, today there are in many major cities. For example, in Moscow, many routes are located near the Moscow Ring Road. In the city itself, you can only do hydrozorbing.


A few tips to help make training enjoyable and safe:

  • Choose proven companies or individuals providing zorbs. The one who rents equipment must have all certificates confirming its quality and safety.
  • Follow the instructions given by the instructor.
  • Do not get down from the excessively steep slopes.
  • Do not go for a walk if you are not confident in your abilities.

Now you can safely look for Zorb and get bright emotions!

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