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Where is Bratsk?

Sergey Nikolaev
Sergey Nikolaev
March 29, 2015
Where is Bratsk?

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Bratsk is a city in the Russian Federation, which is located in the north-west of the Irkutsk Region, more than 5 thousand km east of Moscow and 618 km from Irkutsk, if you travel by car. Let us consider other interesting features of the geographical location of this East Siberian city, which has the status of a city district and is the administrative center of the Bratsk district.

The geographical coordinates of Bratsk are 56 ° N. and 101 ° E The city stands on the Angara River, and more specifically, on the banks of the Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk reservoirs formed on this large waterway. Bratsk was founded in 1661 as a prison. And only in 1955 a group of villages on the banks of reservoirs received city status in connection with the construction of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant. Therefore, the city stretches for as much as 65 km along the coast and covers an area of ​​428 square meters. km, while living in Bratsk 238 thousand people.

Forestry and shipping routes, regional roads and a section of the A331 Tulun-Ust-Kut federal highway pass through the city.The famous Baikal-Amur Railway also connects Bratsk with cities of central Russia and Siberia, as well as with the Far East, Yakutia and Transbaikalia. In addition, the city has an international airport. All this makes Bratsk an important transport hub between the north of Eastern Siberia and Yakutia on the one hand and other regions of Europe and Asia on the other.


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